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Hi, I'm Roger, the owner, I live cars, I always have, so I’ve made my life around them. And I care about you, my customers, so I look after you as if my livelihood depends on it…[actually it does].

I'm a proud member of the Good Garage Scheme, a system helps separate the good guys from the sharks and ensures you get the best possible service at a good price.

We’re happy to work with cars from all the main manufacturers including BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Ford, Vauxhall, VW and Skoda as well as less familiar models from Lotus, Saab and Bentley. We even work on some rarer American Muscle cars like Mustang and Corvette. We service and carry out engine mapping revisions on all types of commercial vehicle, from vans to articulated lorries…and even tractors!

We are located on the outskirts of Oxford but we’ll come to you if that is easier. We'd love to see you so why not give us a call...

Roger Smart


We managed to track down Roger and grab him to answer a few of the burning questions you've all been wanting to ask...

automotive QWhat made you go into the trade?
A I followed in my fathers footsteps, I've been getting my hands dirty from the age of 8 and some of that was with cars! Cars are an integral part of my life...

Q What's your greatest moment?
A Running the Caterham race team in the European Caterham series in the 90's, we have a race at Spa, there were so many stories I could tell you about that race, but I might get arrested so you'll have to ask me in person ;-) The team were super dedicated, we'd have to have engines out after practice had finished which needed to be back in the car for qualifying the next day, that's a lot to get right, we'd work through the night, it was a great atmosphere though.

Q What's your big tune?
A Too many of them, how about Roy Davis Junior with Gabrielle, hell of a tune. I remember dropping this at Raouls in Oxford with a heady mix of soulful house, it was massive, love it.

Q What gets you up in the morning?
A You mean other than the kids ;-) I've real passion for keeping people on the road, I'm a doctor for cars, I make them better, that gives me a great sense of achievement and I get to see the happiness it brings to people who love their cars.

Q What's your biggest disaster?
A I locked the keys in a Bentley as an apprentice at my dads garage, you can imagine the fear, I was 17 and fortunately the school record holder for the 100m and... a handy knack of being able to get into cars which certainly saved my bacon that day.

Q What's your favourite car?
A The Lexus range is simply unparalleled, reliability, build quality and, from a mechanical point of view easy to work on #joy.

Q Come on Roger, what's really your favourite car!!!
A OK, unlimited funds, I'd pick an Audi R8 with a remap, a full tank of fuel, some Italian mountains and a pack of Monte Cristo's.


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Accident Repair
Private Cars
Company Fleets
Commercial Vehicles
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  • I had my Audi A5 remapped by Roger and now it flys, and the mpg is even better than it was before, thanks a lot Roger smart it's a great job Michael Trafford
  • Top marks for Roger! Just had my BMW 320D M-Sport E92 performance remapped - much more responsive than before. Highly recommend Roger Happy Customer James D'Arcy
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